Tips To Follow While Selling A Secondhand Motorcycle: A Comprehensive Guide

Be it whether you are going to get yourself a new motorbike or get a car so you need to approach a used motorcycle dealer or a ‘second-hand motorcycle for sale near you’ service centre, Motorcycle City is your best choice in Melbourne. We are a team of professionally-qualified used motorcycle dealers who have a wide array of cheap motorbikes for sale, be it second-hand bikes or totally new ones. We ensure that while you see a used motorcycle at our store, you will feel it like a brand new one with efficiency and proper functioning.

As industry leaders in the field of providing second-hand motorcycles for sale in Melbourne for many years now, we have compiled a list of inevitable top tips to consider before you decide to sell off your used motorcycle to a dealer or another buyer. The following

● Set A Realistic Price: Try making use of local classifieds, internet sites, and national motorcycle classifieds to find some listings for second-hand motorbikes for sale. Make a note of the asking prices, other important information like the phone numbers, etc. Catch a glimpse on what professional local motorbike dealers in Melbourne have in their used inventories.
● The Condition Of Your Motorbike: If you have made potential customizations on your bike, consider to change it back to look as in stock as possible. Custom paints, piercings, etc may have different likes to another buyer.
● Clean It Before You Invite A Potential Buyer To See It: Now that the buyer knows that he is going to buy a second-hand motorcycle, all you have to do is make it look as clean and tidy as possible.
● Get Your Used Motorcycle a New Well-Polished Look: Make use of WD-40 or likes to get rid of the tar spots from the bottom of the pipes, crankcase, etc. Detach the bodywork to retouch any places on the frame and touch up chipped paints if any. Clean the spokes, cables, wiring, insides of the turn signal lenses, various crevices, and other important parts. Wax application or any other proper finishes will make the part look shiny and brand new, back again.
● Does Your Motorbike Need Any Replacements Done?: Make sure the motorbike runs well and does not have any crucial parts to be replaced unless you are planning on a huge compensation. Brake pads, chains, belt, shift rubbers, fluid top-ups, etc are all important factors to be considered.
● Deal With A Professionally-Authorised Second-Hand Motorcycle Dealer: Finally, it is important that you get in touch with an experienced and reliable used motorbike dealer in Melbourne. You can get rid of the advertisement expenses, negotiating terms, and other hassles of a final transaction.

Affordable Used Motorcycle For Sale Online

Motorcycle City is one-of-a-kind used motorcycle dealer in Melbourne who have been buying, selling and repairing scooters and motorcycles here in Victoria for over 35 years. With VACC accreditation, our team is well-qualified in dealing with new and used motorbikes. Call us on 03 9663 1200 to know more about selling your used motorcycle.

2023 WHITE KYMCO LIKE125 – ONLY 660 kms

Excellent condition
Only 660 kms
Rego exp: 04/06/2024
Factory warranty
RWC, with books

$3450 on road


2014 BLACK SYM VS150 – ONLY 775 kms

As new condition
2014 model
Only done 775kms, with books
Rego Exp: 10/01/2025
New battery
Fully serviced

$3250 on road



Only 9020 kms
Runs very well
Fully serviced
RWC & 3 months Rego
New chain & sprockets
2 new tyres

$2550 on road


2010 PINK SYM MIO100

Fully Serviced.
20,500 kms
3 Months Rego
R.W.C. & Warranty
Runs well

$1850 on road



Runs very well
New Battery
New Front Disc
Fully serviced
Ready for Work or Play
RWC, 3 months REGO, Warranty

$1850 on road

One of the first things you should do is check the general condition of the scooter. This will provide an idea of what you can expect. You can then proceed to check the engine, brakes, lights, throttle, levers, fluid levels and battery. It is also recommended to check the paperwork for any discrepancies.
A thorough examination of the used scooter will reveal its exact condition. However, this can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with these machines. We recommend you come to us for second-hand scooters. Our technicians will take you through the checklist before buying.
You should ask for the vehicle registration, ownership paperwork, roadworthy certificate and any other vital documents. For more details about this process, please get in touch with our team.
There is always a risk of buying an underperforming scooter in private sales. This is why you should get a professional mechanic to inspect the machine before you commit. If you wish to avoid such problems, visit our website and pick from our list of second-hand scooters.
Yes, it is recommended to get some sort of pre-purchase inspection. This can reveal underlying issues with the bike that are not visible immediately. It also gives you an idea of the exact value of the motorbike. This is very useful information when negotiating prices.