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Riding accessories are a must-have for any motorcycle enthusiast. They provide enhanced protection and a comfortable ride on any surface, especially if you are planning to ride longer distances. You will have to overcome road debris, pebbles, dirt, and the elements. Therefore, investing in good quality gear before you get on your bike is an excellent idea.

Motor Cycle City is your one-stop shop for all kinds of motorcycle accessories in Melbourne. You will find helmets in different styles, riding jackets and pants. These are designed to keep you safe on the road and also offer protection from the wind or rain. They come in several sizes so finding the perfect fit will not be a problem. Our shop also sells maintenance products for your ride. This includes lubricants for chains and other moving parts, brake fluids, engine oil, batteries, and fuel cleaners.


  • ABS Lightweight Construction

  • DVS – Dual visor system

  • Internal Tinted Sun Visor

  • Removable & Washable Soft-Feel Liner

  • ‘Active flow’ Ventilation System

  • Quick-Release Micrometric Strap System

  • Aerodynamic Shell Design

  • Quick release visor

  • AS/NZS 1698:2006 Approved

  • Sizes: XS to XXL


909 Flip Up

  • Flip-Open Jaw System

  • Internal Tinted Sun Visor

  • ECE 22.05 Standard

  • Dual Homologation (Face Up/Face Down)

  • Max-Vision Visor (Hard Coated)

  • Pinlock Ready

  • Washable Soft-Feel Lining

  • Quick Release Micrometic Strap System

  • Full Neck Curtain (for Comfort)

  • Detachable Breathguard

  • Easy to use one touch Ventilation System

  • Sizes : XS – XL


Metro Open Face

  • A traditional openface ‘Jet’ design with built in visor for added convenience.
  • Removeable washable liner.
  • Modern stylish shell Design
  • Optional Tinted Visors Available.
  • Sizes : XXS – XXL


Metro Retro

  • A traditional openface ‘Jet’ design with built in visor for added convenience.
  • Removeable washable liner.
  • Modern stylish shell Design
  • Optional Tinted Visors Available.


Street 2

  • ABS Construction / Modern Shell Shape
  • Self Tensioning Visor (Hard Coated)
  • Washable Lining / Soft Feel
  • Full Neck Curtain for Comfort
  • Breathguard
  • Q/R Visor with Lock Button
  • “Active Flow” 3 Stage Ventilation System
  • Sizes: XS to 2XL


Street Missile

  • ABS Construction

  • ECE 22.05 Standards

  • Micrometic Chin Strap System

  • Quick Release Visor System

  • Removable/Washable Liner

  • Active Flow Ventilation System

  • Anti Scratch Visor



Eco-Therm Jacket

  • 600D H/D Material

  • CE.Protection Pack (Shoulder & Elbows) Removable & HDF Back Protector

  • 100% W/Proof

  • Front Folded Storm Flap for Warmth & Dryness

  • Soft-Feel Rolled Collar

  • Safety Dark Reflective

  • Safety Reflective

  • Stylish Design & Protection

  • Velcro Cuff Closure

  • Velcro Cuff Closure, Adjustable Arm Snaps, Adjustable Waist Belt (Velcro), Folded/Velcro Pockets

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL


Lightning Pants

  • A durable nylon/pvc backed rainwear

  • Double row stitching in stress areas with internal tape sealed seams to ensure 100% waterproof

  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL


Service & Maintenance Items

  • Castrol Chain Lube (Suitable for O-ring chains)

  • Castrol DWF

  • Castrol Radicool Concentrate

  • HiFlo Oil Filters

  • MotoMaxx DOT 4 Brake Fluid

  • Motul HD 80W90

  • Penrite MC 4ST (10W-40 Semi Synthetic, 10W-40 Full Synthetic)

  • Predator Batteries

  • Wurth Petrol Injection Cleaner

Motorcycle Accessories for Sale at Motor Cycle City

Good quality accessories can make a huge difference on the road. For instance, ill-fitting motorbike helmets can hamper your vision and reduce focus on the road. Another important accessory is a riding jacket. These jackets protect you from the elements and other debris. They also act as a protective layer if you fall or lose control. This is why you should never ride without the proper gear.

Riders with varying expertise levels, from beginners to intermediates and even experienced ones, use our motorcycle gear. The most common riding accessory is the helmet. It protects shielding the face from strong winds, insects, dirt, debris, and the elements. Helmets come in all shapes and sizes, catering to the numerous preferences of bike riders. Our shop stocks all helmet types, allowing customers to choose one that fits their requirements.

Motor Cycle City offers the following motorcycle helmets in Melbourne:

  • Open-face Helmets: This helmet design covers the head, forehead, and ears with a hard shell. The face is shielded with a visor that extends to the chin. It offers better visibility and is ideal for individuals with claustrophobia. We have three helmets in this particular style at our store:
    • RXT A261 KRUZE: The RTX A261 Kruze is a lightweight helmet, suited for everyday riding. Its open-face design gives it a roomier feel and better vision. The visor is internally tinted and has a quick release in case of accidents. It is available in all sizes from XS to XXL.
    • RTX Metro Open Face: This helmet features the traditional open-face Jet design. It has an inbuilt visor that can be tinted according to rider preference. You can find this helmet in every size between XXS and XXL.
    • RXT Metro Retro: A popular choice among many bike riders, the Retro design retains the classic open-face style. Merging that timeless style with a contemporary shell, it effortlessly combines the best features of past and present styling. You will find this particular design in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes.
  • Full-face Helmets: This motorbike helmet design provides all-around protection compared to open-face styles. The trade-off is a much-more limited visibility through the smaller vision slits. However, the enhanced safety makes it much better for long-distance riding.
    • RXT Street 2: Sporting a modern shell and ABS construction, the Street 2 is a popular helmet. It has a self-tensioning visor, breath guard, washable lining and a neck curtain. There is a 3-stage ventilation system for rider comfort as well. You will find them in sizes from XS to 2XL.
    • RXT 909 Flip Up: This helmet provides the best of both worlds. The flip-open system allows you to wear the helmet in an open-face design. Other features include an internally tinted visor, washable lining, quick-release micro-matic strap, full neck curtain, detachable breath guard and a ventilation system. They come in all sizes from XS to XL.
    • RTX Street Missile: If you are looking for something sportier, the RTX Street Missile is an excellent choice. It boasts an ABS construction, micro-matic chin strap, quick-release visor, removable liner and an active flow ventilation system. You get them in five sizes – S, M, L, XL and 2XL.

Additionally, we also have these accessories in stock:

  • MOTODRY Eco-therm Jacket: Every rider needs a good riding jacket. Our MOTODRY Eco-therm jacket is perfect for all types of ride-outs. It comes with removable shoulder and elbow protectors as well as an HDF back protector. The jacket is 100% waterproof and has reflective material for night riding. It comes in S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL and 4XL sizes.
  • MOTODRY Lightning Pants: Another important riding gear is pants. The MOTODRY Lightning pants are very durable and rainproof. It is nylon and PVC backed with double-row stitching. We have them in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL.
  • Service and Maintenance Products: Riding gear is just one-half of the equation. Service and maintenance items are just as important to enjoy good performance on your bike. As such, our shop also has these for sale:
    • Castrol Chain Lube (Suitable for O-ring chains)
    • Castrol DWF
    • Castrol Radicool Concentrate
    • HiFlo Oil Filters
    • MotoMaxx DOT 4 Brake Fluid
    • Motul HD 80W90
    • Penrite MC 4ST (10W-40 Semi Synthetic, 10W-40 Full Synthetic)
    • Predator Batteries
    • Wurth Petrol Injection Cleaner

What Makes Us the First Choice for Motorcycle Accessories?

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an amateur learning to ride, you need the right gear. Finding the right motorbike accessories is much easier when you shop at our store. As experts, we have a long list of riding gear and other products that contribute to a better experience. Additionally, our reasonably priced accessories make quality riding gear accessible to all.

Motor Cycle City is a leading supplier of motorcycle helmets and accessories in Melbourne. This is possible because we have:

  • Extensive collection of helmets
  • High-quality riding gear
  • Affordable prices
  • Expert recommendations
  • Customer-centric support
  • Experienced staff
  • Transparent process

Explore Our Shop and Find the Perfect Riding Helmet

Finding the right gear may take some time. So why not speed up the process by discussing your requirements with our experts? They can provide insights on how best to proceed. Besides, our selection of bike accessories for sale may have something that meets your eye. For more information about our services or products, you can call us on 03 9663 1200 or drop us an email at


A full-face helmet offers the best protection out of all the different types. However, other helmet types provide good protection as well. Depending on the material used and other features, safety levels will differ. This applies to full-face helmets as well. For more information, you can contact our team.

Every motorcycle helmet must meet the AS/NZ 1698:2006 standard to be legally sold. It is also permissible for the helmet to meet an equivalent standard from another country. This ensures rider safety no matter the weather or road conditions they are riding on.

Every rider must have basic safety gear before riding a bike or scooter. These include a helmet that meets the Australian safety standards, riding jacket and pants. Gloves can be worn as well for added protection.

Yes, depending on your riding style, you may prefer different accessories. For instance, an open-face helmet is perfect for quick commutes to and from your office. In comparison, longer journeys may require a full-face helmet to ward off insects, road debris and the elements. If you are not sure about what gear to get, you can consult our team today.

Warranties for motorbike accessories depend on the manufacturer and the seller. If the manufacturer provides a warranty, this is passed on to the customer. However, if that is not the case, it may be difficult to get a warranty from just the seller.

Yes, there are several riding accessories designed especially for long-distance rides. This includes wind/rainproof jackets and pants, full-face helmets with better ventilation, gloves, riding boots and more. If you are interested, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.