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Classic 200i
Electric Start & Fully Automatic
The Classic 200i is the big sister for the Classic125,
slightly more grown up styling and a sort after fuel injected engine.
Orbit II - Scooter for sale in Melbourne - Motor Cycle City
Inc 12 months Rego (Vic Only)







Scooters For Sale – How to Find Scooters For Sale

While choosing a used motorcycle for sale in Melbourne, it is important to find out where you get scooters for sale to buy a scooter that is both trustworthy and of high-quality. Motorcycle City provides a wide range of used motorcycles for sale in Victoria which is the epitome of places from where you can buy a used scooter at reasonable rates. Amongst the many options available across Melbourne, Motorcycle City has been providing buying, selling, and repairing of scooters for over 35 years now.

To find scooters for sale in Melbourne, Motorcycle City is your second-to-none choice as we have genuine expertise in the field of used motorcycles for sale in Victoria, and our crew are specialized in new and used scooter sales as well as quality servicing, repairs, accredited smash repairs, and so on across the suburb of Melbourne. Be it getting yourself a used scooter or a brand new SYM scooter in Melbourne, Motorcycle City has it all covered for you in no time.

Used Motorcycle For Sale? – Six Great Photo Tips To Help Your Bike Sell Faster!

Motorcycle City is a highly-skilled team of qualified mechanics with VACC accreditation. The following are the major photo tips to help your bike go on a sale faster:

1. Get A Reputable ‘Scooter For Sale Near Me’ Services With Proper Advertisement Titles: There are many websites that offer cheap motorcycles and scooters for sale in Melbourne. For instance, Motorcycle City has a wide array of used motorcycles and scooters for you to choose from. Also, place a ‘Used Motorcycle For Sale’ sign in the Advertisement.
2. Get Proper Lighting In the Picture: Proper lighting means proper colour balance and consistent detail of the used scooter for sale.
3. Pay Detailed Attention To The Location: Positioning your bike in a great background is important. An uncluttered background like an open field, or before a blank wall will do the needful.
4. Check On The Camera Positions: Closer-to-the-ground levels, eye-level, front-end, and side-ends, etc are important to be captured with clarity.
5. Different Angles In Detail: Try including the scooter entirely into the frame along with the engine, headlamp, rear, clocks that illustrates the recorded mileage, other accessories, and so on.
6. Use Technology: Use a “real camera” to shoot the picture of your used scooter for sale. Latest iPhones/Pixels are capable of featuring different portrait modes and many manual controls to achieve a shallow depth of the background. Do not go for filtering your used motorcycle.

Contact The Experts For Used Scooter For Sale In Melbourne

Motorcycle City has evolved as the most sought-after company for selling used scooters in Melbourne for its dedicated service of over 35 years now. Talk to our expert scooter specialists to know about further details on 03 9663 1200. You may also mail us at


Yes, there are certain factors you need to consider when buying a bike. Your physical frame is important in deciding the right fit. You should also check the engine capacity, power, weight and design.
All scooters and motorbikes sold at Motor Cycle City come with warranties. This protects your machine against manufacturing defects and gives you peace of mind. If you wish to know more about our warranty policies, contact our team today.
Yes, we perform repairs and maintenance services as well. You can bring your scooter to our workshop and have it inspected. Our services include brake checks, oil changes, filter replacements, fixing lights, etc.

Yes, we provide roadworthy certificates for scooters. We will undertake a thorough assessment of your ride to determine its condition. Once it passes all our checks, we will present the roadworthy certificate.

At our shop, we deal in SYM scooters. They are a top manufacturer of these machines with an industry presence of over 70 years. We have their brand-new scooters for sale at very affordable rates. In case you are looking for cheaper options, we have second-hand motorbikes for sale as well. They belong to different makes, ranging from Honda to Yamaha to Royal Enfield.
There are different types of bikes available in Melbourne. Depending on your requirements, proficiency, and budget you can choose one that best fits your needs. These machines feature engines as small as 50cc up to 400cc. So ultimately, it is your choice.
Yes, we also deal with used motorbikes. They are inspected and fully prepared before being put on sale. The engine, tyres, brakes, fluids, and filter are checked for damage. They offer good value for money if you are looking for a cheap alternative.
For details related to test rides, you can get in touch with our support staff. They can help you schedule one or suggest another solution. Rest assured, your convenience is always our priority.


Metro Open Face

Helmet for sale - Buy RXT Metro Open Face
  • A traditional openface ‘Jet’ design with built in visor for added convenience.
  • Removeable washable liner.
  • Modern stylish shell Design
  • Optional Tinted Visors Available.
  • Sizes : XXS – XXL


Street 2

  • ABS Construction / Modern Shell Shape
  • Self Tensioning Visor (Hard Coated)
  • Washable Lining / Soft Feel
  • Full Neck Curtain for Comfort
  • Sizes: XS to 2XL

We specialise in general service and tune to full engine re-builds, electrical diagnostics, and full VACC accredited smash repairs.

  • Change Engine Oil & Filter Change Final Drive Oil(if applicable)
  • Check Operation of headlight, tail & brake lights, indicators etc.
  • Check front & rear brake pads & discs. Inspect tyre condition
  • Check clutch & brake fluids. Replace as required
  • Check and adjust clutchcable if required
  • Check coolant level
  • Check Steering head bearings, and wheel bearings
  • Inspect, adjust & lubricate the drive chain
  • Inspect and lubricate clutch & brake lever pivot bolts
  • Check and adjust valve clearances(Major service only)

Overseas models & colours shown, these may vary slightly from Australian models.